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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Oregon Zoo

This is one of my favorite places in Oregon.  It does help that we have a membership so it's much more affordable.  It is a great place for me to get out and walk a little and my kiddos release a little energy, too.  While I love the zoo, sometimes during the summer it can be really crowded or the animals are a little extra lethargic.  We went Saturday morning in the rain and it was FANTASTIC!  There was a variety of people visiting ranging from families in raincoats to older couples with umbrellas but there was definitely not a crowd.  The animals were out and lively.  We saw the polar bears playing with a giant barrel, the lions climbing on the rock and wandering into their den, the monkeys were playing, the chimps were all visible and active.  Even the sun bears were out chewing on logs in plain sight!!

If you are ever in need of a winter activity, I highly recommend putting on the rain boots and checking out the zoo!

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